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Horse Photographer Gabriele Boiselle


I would especially like to thank Gabriele Boiselle, who has now been visiting us for almost 20 years and has become a very dear friend of myself and my son Nicolas.

Many of my horses have already modelled their full beauty and grace in front of this renowned horse photographer's camera. It has always been a special joy to work with her and have so many wonderful photos produced in the process. It is simply unbelievable how she manages to mirror the soul of these beautiful creatures in her images.

Her photos, taken across and beyond many years, present my horses from their most beautiful side possible. Anyone that has ever seen the photo of Ibanil as he emerges from the sea will never ever forget it. Curious? Just go to her site at www.editionboiselle.de and discover the wonderful calendars that Gabriele creates with her images. We finished our last photo shoot at the end of March 2015. You can see the pictures produced in calendars and books, etc. Once again they were





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